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Whenever you behold a view of stupendous blossoms dwelling over a plant, you wonder "Can there be anything more wonderful than this". Indeed the visual treat of flowers has no equal in this universe. The angelic comeliness and softness that we get to see in the blossoms Pretty Colorful Two Dozen Mixed Roses are supreme to every other existing beauty of the earth. Deliver Flower Collections to Bangalore and make your valued ones entranced with the allure of blooms.

Flowers are the best gifts of this world to transmit, most articulately, thoughts and greetings to the exquisite one of life, to dear buddies and to endeared relatives. The freshness of the flowers Zesty Bouquet of Brilliant Blossoms lets the receiver feel the presence of the sender, their incense enables the receiver to bond to the heart of the sender and their delicateness makes the receiver experience the adoration of the sender. In the human society, flowers enact not only as elements of pure joy, but also as prime messengers of words and thoughts from one human heart to another. Bird of Paradise, Carnations, Daisies, Gerberas, Lilies, Magnolia, Orchids, Roses, Tulips, Zinnias are some of the famed flowers that continue to steal the soul of mankind forever.

Bird of Paradise

Bird-of-Paradise (BOP) is a brilliant orange-blue Flower that owns the shape of a bird floating in the air. It has the honor to be the most chromatic flower of nature and is upheld as the flower of Paradise. Having its origin in South Africa, BOP blooms at the phase of September to May. BOP has the distinguished pattern of a bird's beak and its head feathers and hence gets its name. The symbol of Tropical Flowers, BOP also endorses the plain but exuberant mirth of living every day. The BOP plant, scaling from 4 feet to 5 feet and spreading to the breadth of 2- or 3-foot is highly preferred for texturing picture-perfect landscapes. Along with the eye-affecting illuminated Blooms, the dense, waxy and shining leaves of the BOP plant, arranged in a crown-like design and possessing the breadth and height of 6 inches and 18 inches respectively, also amplifies the prettiness of the plant. These leaves resemble like Birds-of-Paradise foliage looks like the little banana leaves with long petioles but deviating from the banana plant, the BOP plant donot have trunks. The BOP blooms are born from the pink and green boat-patterned stems of the plant and exhibit a glorious orange color that gets matched with the compact blue beak texture.

In the Exotic Flower Family, BOP Exotic Flowers - Office Arrangement is the most renowned one and is also the prime pick for patterning bouquets of Tropical Flower. Its unique charismatic shape and glowing color also makes it most desirable among the florists.

The BOP plants always need very warm and moist climate to live. Added to the warmth of the full-fledged sun, the weather scale of 65-70F. (18-21C) at day time and not less than 50F (10C) at night time suit perfectly for the growth of the BOP plant. The BOP is comfortable over the wettish soil during seasons of spring and summer and during the stretch within the fall and the season of winter, it requires a little dry soil. When the dryness of winter prevails, it is required to water the BOP plants regularly, so that they continue getting the wet and dewy ambience with which they are habituated. The city of Los Angeles entitles BOP as its floral symbol.

Further popular as the Crane Lily, BOP is cultivated in the following 4 sorts:

White Birds-of-Paradise
Mountain Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
White or Giant Birds-of-Paradise or Wild Banana or Blue-and-White Strelitzia (Botanical Name)
African Desert Banana

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