Notable Fathers from Indian Epics

King Dasaratha

The father of Lord Rama and the King of Ayodhya, Dasaratha loved hissons immensely. He trained them to be great warriors under the care of theGreatest Gurus. When his wife Kaikeyi asks Dasaratha to send Rama to theforest, Dasaratha could not bear to reveal the news and died due to theheartbreak. Such is his Fatherly love towards his son Lord Rama.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is known for all the unpopular reasons. He beheading LittleGanesh is one of the epic stories the whole world knows. What we do not know ishis love for Ganesh. It is due to his Fatherly love and foresight that Ganeshrelives and becomes the God of Knowledge. Even today, people pray for pics ofGanesh where he is seen to be sitting on the lap of Lord Shiva very cutely.

King Vasudeva

Vasudeva is the birth father of Lord Krishna. When the tyrant Kansakeeps killing their newborns, Vasudeva could not lose baby Krishna. He crossedthe deep river in the middle of the night and shifted him to a safe house inGokul. With a heavy heart, he bids farewell to Krishna because for a fathernothing comes first than their child's safety.

Lord Rama

Lord Rama is the father of two twins - Lava and Kusa. They derived hisindustrious nature and intelligence in every essence. Though Rama left Sita inthe forest, Lava and Kusa grow up with great devotion to their father Rama.This explains though the father may stay away from children, his qualities willprotect them and carve them into great individuals. 

Sage Jamadagni

Jamadagni is a great sage and the father of Parashurama, the sixthincarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is short-tempered and very powerful. Once hehappens to get angry with his wife Renuka and asks his son to kill his mother.The son Parshurama being obedient kills his mother. When his father Jamadagniis pleased with his obedience, he asks him to wish for a boon. Then Parashuramaasks him to bring his mother back to life. Pleased Jamadagni, brings backRenuka to life. This shows that a father should listen to his children andanalyze why they are saying what they are saying. 

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